My Daughter, La Catrina

My daughter, la catrina

Independent mexican graphic novel. Learn sign language, mexican cultureand the importance of kid's feelings.

Ideatoon 2021 Semifinalist

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What is a Catrina?

In mexican culture, La Catrina is an elegant skeleton woman that guides us to the world of the dead.

the story

My Daughter, La Catrina

Cati has a peculiar hability: whoever she touches, goes to the world of the dead. With the help of a mexican family she'll understand that death is just as beautiful as life.

fantasy, kids from 8-13 years old


Cati, a new born catrina, discovers the world of the living. There she meets Laurita, a 7 year old girl that travels to the world of the dead after playing with Cati.Don Lupe, an artist from the city, finds Cati and decides to take care of her even if its dangerous. He teaches her sign language and helps her understand that death is part of life.Jorgito, Laurita's older brother, has to go through his grieve in silece because of the toxic belief that "boys shouldn't cry". To honor his late sister he decides to enter an Altar de Muertos contest where he is able to express his feelings thanks to Cati.Jorgito helps Cati to find her way back to the world of the dead where she learns who she really is.

Main Characters

Cati la Catrina

Cati is a small Catrina that loves everything that has life. She loves art and food, specially sweet bread; however, her power makes her scared of herself.She uses mexican sign language to comunicate with others.

Don Lupe

Don Lupe is an artist from a small city. He absolutely loves his mexican culture, his biggest gig is actually making posters for national events.Don Lupe finds Cati in his house and decides to take care of her and educate her.


Jorgito is a 10 year old kid that just lost his little sister. He tries to be strong for his family but this only makes him feel lonely most of the time.He meets Cati in the Altar de Muertos contest where she helps him presenting his altar to his sister.

Publication 2024

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The author

Danie Casillas is a graphic designer, illustrator and independent comic artist. She has worked on comics for 3 years with great success, "My Daughter, La Catrina" having more than 30k followers on Webtoon CANVAS Latam.

Pitch Ideatoon 2021

Pitch semifinalista de Ideatoon 2021 para una adaptación cinematográfica animada y musical.

Animated short (Pre-production)

"With you, I learned" by Danie Casillas.

expansion opportunities

This IP ha big opportunities of growth: graphic novels, children's books, educational videos and animated adaptations.It can garner a large market audience, from 7 to 13 years old.We have other projects from the same IP that are finished like 1 illustrated album and an animatic for an animated short.

*This is a mockup, it's not the final product